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The Gorgeous Scarlet Macaw

When thinking of the quintessential  parrot, one most likely thinks of this distinctive bird first. 

They have beautiful plumage, those who have heard them know they have one of the loudest calls around, and they are, unfortunately, and endangered species.

There are multiple breeding programs being undertaken by concerned Costa Ricans who would hate to see this magnificent bird lost to extiction, and one of these programs, ASOPROLAPA, happens to be located right next to Los Delfines, the development the Villa is located within.

They are being bred, then released when having found a breeding partner themselves, the mate they will stay with all their lives. Through the tireless work of the volunteers, the sight and sounds of these ambassadors of Costa Rica flying about the Nicoya Peninsula are now much less rare than they were only a short time ago. 


Curu Wildlife Refuge

Only a 10 minute drive away from the Villa is one of the finest reserves in the Nicoya Peninsula. 

Curu Wildlife Reserve is a nearly 1500 hectare property which helps connect the beaches of Tambor to the Biological Wildlife Corridor which runs up the centre of the Nicoya Peninsula.

It houses 232 species of birds, as well as rare types of cats and monkeys. Curu plays hosts to multiple types of turtles who lay their eggs on the beaches, and is also the site of an artificial reef meant to help increase marine diversity in the bay. Take a walk on the wild side!


Tambor Bay Turtles

As well as the efforts to create a safe place for turtles to have their eggs in Curu, there are also efforts in the small town close to the Villa, Playa Tambor.

Tambor Bay Turtles is a local Not-For-Profit organization that works to watch over the eggs of the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle. 

In an effort to increase the number of hatchlings that survive and make it to the ocean, volunteers collect the eggs before they can be taken by poachers and transfer them to a safe location. There are constantly opportunities to help out! While in the area, why not help to protect these magnificent creatures?

And these aren't the only places...

Also keep in mind that the fine establishments that have been highlighted here are far from the only places working as hard as they can to keep the Pacific coast of Costa Rica a lush haven of flora and fauna. 

There are tons of Reserves and Refuges in our area that all deserve your patronage and support. Come check them out!

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