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No End to the Delicious Food!

With their country so perfectly suited for growing huge amounts of mouthwatering produce, is it any surprise that Costa Ricans know just how to do fine dining right? Here are some of our favourite spots!


The Clubhouse

Located right at the front gate of the community the Villa is situated in, you will find the Los Delfines Clubhouse.

Within, there is a large open-air dining area overlooking the common pool. The food is great, as is the atmosphere, so come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you're always welcome! 

Also, keep an ear out and be ready to dine beside the waves, as there is a beachside restaurant in the works!


Barcelo Tambor

With three separate restaurants on offer, there are a ton of culinary choices all within 1 km of Los Delfines, at the Barcelo Tambor Resort.


There is a Japanese eatery, as well as a spot specializing in surf and turf, both à la carte, and of course a Resort Buffet, which puts out an intriguing selection of fusion dishes. A great way to try them all is to purchase an all inclusive wristband and make a day of it! The cost runs about $60, but to try all this food...worth it! 


Tambor Tropical.png

Playa Tambor

Only a 5 minute drive away from the Villa is the sleepy beach town of Playa Tambor. It's not large and it doesn't have all the amenities you'll ever need, but it sure does have great food!


Are you in the mood for pizza and pasta? Maybe some chicken wings? All ready quick and perfect to eat while looking out over Bahia Ballena? How about some poolside and beachside bites at an intimate Resort? Well, take a left at the Playa Tambor sign. You'll  find it here and every bite is to die for!

Tango Mar.png

The Tango Mar

10 minutes down the road towards Cobano, there's a turn off beside a school. Down this turn off, you will find the Tango Mar Hotel, Golf and Spa Resort. The Hotel is broken up into small cabins as well as a larger hotel and all of it is located on the quiet and tranquil Quizales Beach, perfect for an intimate dinner for two. 

There are two places to eat here, the poolside Rancho and the larger main restaurant and both have great food! Try the smoothies, they are truly spectacular!



What with being inland and not one of the main attractions of the area, Cobano often gets overlooked. Sure it has the main supermarkets but in terms of places to eat, there are far less options than any of the beach towns.


That said, you can still find a cozy little soda off the main roads or a French bakery in behind the Banco Nacional. And they definitely know how to use their abundance of fresh ingredients just as well as their beachside competition.



Montezuma is a beautiful, idyllic town on the Pacific that truly embodies the calm, relaxing atmosphere that foreigners look for when exploring Costa Rica. Here you can find fine dining right beside the local Soda, and both are worth a visit!


Our absolute favourite it probably the authentic Italian joint, Tierra y Fuego, located in the Montezuma Delicias area. An Italian couple came to the middle of the jungle and began using their own home-grown veggies on wood fired pizza and pasta. It's an adventure and it is spectacular. 

IMG_2254 (2).JPG

The Fish Market

On the far side of Playa Tambor, there sits a small fishing village where the areas large number of fishermen are based. Here they moore their boats, bring their catch everyday, and, most importantly, sell their overabundance on the pier!


Of course you can spend everyday eating somewhere new, but why not try fresh fish, bought at the Pescaderia, you make yourself? The huge snappers, rich Mahi Mahi and scrumptious squid are sold here for a fraction of restaurant prices, and are so easy to cook!

Organic Fruits and Veggies

At the same location as the Fish Market, in what used to be a large bar with dance floor right beside the pier, every Saturday at around 7am there is a locally put together Organic Market. Here you can purchase every kind of fruit or veggie you can think of (if it isn't there you can order it for next week) all of which is brought in from around Costa Rica and is entirely Organic Certified. Find Honey, she's the American expat who organized the whole thing and she's a wonderful lady, never too busy to help out a confused newbie!

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