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The Incomparable

Nicoya Peninsula

In the superbly stunning country of Costa Rica
the Nicoya Peninsula stands out

The Nicoya Peninsula is the hidden gem of Costa Rica, kept pristine and less traveled by virtue of actually being separate from the main part of the country.  Experience the beauty of nature first-hand. 

By doing only a Google search on the area, it is easy to find the main draw and a (until fairly recently) well-kept secret  that has peoples from around the world coming from near and far; Nicoya is one of only 5 Blue Zones on the planet.


"Blue Zone" is a term coined in National Geographic magazine referring to zones of the world where, for reasons trying to be discovered, the people live far longer than others, on average. Those from all walks of life have come to these zones in an attempt to find the secret to longevity.

Playa Tambor could be the site of the Fountain of Youth, you just need to find it!

Located in the South of the peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Nicoya is the epitome of laid back, island-time life, surrounded by friendly locals and other  travelers enjoying the relaxation as well.


With such an overwhelming treasure trove of possibilities, a huge help in getting around and researching the different areas in Nicoya is the main website


As you will find, there are so many activities, places to see, and experiences to be a part of while in the area! Be a part of it now, because word is starting to get out...

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