There are so many things to learn and be aware of when visiting the Southern Nicoya Peninsula.

From its' status as a Blue Zone, to its' peoples efforts to conserve its natural biodiversity, you will not be left bored when in our neighbourhood!


There is an overabundance of new and interesting things to do while on your vacation to this diverse area. 

Whether horseback riding on a picturesque beach or dining well at a world-class restaurant in the middle of the jungle, be prepared for adventure! 

The Villa
This Villa lies in the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula, right in the heart of the Blue Zone. With the beach only a short walk away, and a gorgeous pool in the backyard, spend your whole stay in Costa Rica in or by the water!

In a small development in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, there sits a Villa perfectly suited for a dream vacation.

Why not come experience it for yourself?

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